MOT – Mission Oxygen Team

Dear Reader,

The situation in Nepal is dire. Hundreds of people are dying of complications due to COVID-19 across the country and the reported number of new cases is barely decreasing. Several organizations and expats have donated oxygen concentrators and cylinders to try to fill in for a still very large demand during this time of crisis. However, there is a very small number of people in Nepal who are capable of maintenance, repair and operation of the existing machinery. Last week, we as the Diyalo foundation received a cry for help from our partners in Nepal. They formed a consortium of 12+ local organizations, including the government and different hospitals, and asked us if we could help them with three specific things:

  1. Setting up a monitoring system/platform that provides insights into what respiratory equipment is present and its status per region.
  2. Technical support/training of 100+ engineers in Nepal who have volunteered for the installation, repairing, maintenance and operations of oxygen plants, oxygen concentrators and ventilators.
  3. Mobilizing companies or organisations that can make oxygen plants, oxygen concentrators and ventilators to be readily available for Nepal.

Together with our team of Diyalo foundation and our consortium of partners in Nepal we can, with your much needed help, make a huge difference by SAVING PEOPLE’S LIVES. We hope that you are willing to contribute to this humanitarian mission. We would be happy to make plans for a meeting detailing our first action steps.

Kind regards, 

Jord Drontmann

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Diyalo Foundation and all representatives of our partners: 


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