Local needs

We engage local NGOs to identify the needs of the local communities. Together with the Nepalese youth we develop solutions that address these needs.


Our young experts empower Nepalese youth by expanding their networks and providing them with expertise and experience in tech entrepreneurship.


Our passion and expertise in technology has allowed us to build a large network that we employ for the projects in Nepal.

Working globally acting locally

Diyalo has developed various successful projects, among which were several that produced COVID response technology. Our current projects focus on creating solutions for a number of other pressing local issues, such as bad water quality and flood protection. Take a look at our projects page to learn more!

The unemployment rate of Nepalese youth is increasing every year

Nepalese youth in the age between 13 and 30 are persistently confronted with social and economic challenges. Existing technology gaps are unaddressed due to infrastructure and resource constraints as well as lack of technological expertise.

About us

Diyalo is a Global Youth Tech & Innovation platform. We think technology has the power to create a brighter future. That’s why we empower young people to be a part of that future by giving them a platform to share knowledge.