Current projects

Medical Drone

Medical Drone to deliver the emergency medicine in the mountains of Nepal

  • Problem: Lack of reliable connectify & specifications from drone prototype for the use in mountainous regions in Nepal: flight duration, height, payload, robustness
  • Solution: R&D from an appropriate conefity protocol/ systems and improvement of the mechanical specs form the drone 
  • Partners: Hva, Avans, KPN, Twente, Syfly, NIC
  • Impact: Fast delivery of medicine where there are no roads or bad roads in the mountains of Nepal.

Femtosecond Optics Lab

  • Problem: Lack of expertise in femtosecond 
  • Solution: Long term collaboration to conduct R&D 
  • Partners: PRI 
  • Impact: Establishing a femtosecond optics lab in Nepal is to open several windows of opportunities to work in the area of femtosecond optics, enhance the quality of research in Nepal and consequently develop a highly skilled scientific workforce to work in applications that are relevant for solving their local needs.

Water Quality Project

Problem: Bad water quality
Solution: Easy-access water quality testing tool
Partners: Phutung Research Institute (PRI), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)
Impact: 600 municipalities

Finished projects