Our model

We believe in a need-to-solution approach. This means that we first find out what the real needs are before finding a solution. Curious how we go from the real local need to a sustainable solution? Take a close look at our model.

1. Local needs

We start by finding out the local needs. The local needs are defined by the local communities by looking at the problems that influence their quality of life, health and safety.

2. Local partner Nepal

We reach out to local organizations that aim to fulfill the local needs but experience a technological knowledge gap. They are NGOs, non for profits or government institutions.

3. Young representatives

We get in touch with our young representatives through the local partners. They are bright, young Nepalese people who know the local community.

6. Tech solutions

We provide coaching to the Nepalese partner during the implementation process and facilitate the communication between the young representatives and the young experts with our expertise in technology and the Nepalese culture.

5. Young experts

We find most of our young experts through our knowledge partners. They are young tech experts who work together to create and execute solutions.

4. Knowledge partner

Within our network of partners in the US and Europe we find the knowledge partner with the right expertise for the project.