Medical Drone

Medical Drone to deliver the emergency medicine in the mountains of Nepal

  • Problem: Lack of reliable connectify & specifications from drone prototype for the use in mountainous regions in Nepal: flight duration, height, payload, robustness
  • Solution: R&D from an appropriate conefity protocol/ systems and improvement of the mechanical specs form the drone 
  • Partners: Hva, Avans, KPN, Twente, Syfly, NIC
  • Impact: Fast delivery of medicine where there are no roads or bad roads in the mountains of Nepal.

Diyalo Foundation will help NIC with (1) technological expertise from their network to collaboratively build the drone (MVP) which is enabled to provide medical delivery services to mountainous / rural regions in Nepal, and with (2) the implementation of a drone enabling environment including the communication with stakeholders, e.g. governmental institutions and donors, in order to offer NIC’s end-product to various regions in Nepal for an increased sustainable impact.